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An Introduction to LE Audio

The key features of the next generation of Bluetooth audio are explained, including the LC3 codec, Multi-Stream Audio, and added support for hearing aids, plus a look at the new use case, Audio Sharing, enabled by Broadcast Audio.

Lighting: The Foundation of a Smart Building

The foundation of a Smart Building is not a concrete slab but instead a network of devices that adds intelligence to the building. See how a Bluetooth lighting system can create that foundation.

True-Blue RTLS

Tom Ruth, Quuppa’s VP of the Americas, outlines how Quuppa is using Bluetooth to provide real-time, centimeter-level accuracy and expanding the role of wireless in location services.

Bluetooth Tags in Ice Hockey Pucks

The top professional league in Finland is the first to deploy real-time positioning with Bluetooth technology in an ice rink. Quuppa gateways with angle of arrival technology hang from the ceilings which track Bluetooth tags on players and the puck with incredible accuracy. Learn more about the potential for Bluetooth beacons to enhance the sports […]