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Audio/Video Assigned Numbers

The table below identifies the possible values that the ‘Media Type’ field in the AVDTP can have. The information element identifies the media type of a stream end-point.

A/V Distribution Protocol (AVDTP)

Media Type​

XXXXAll other values reserved

A/V Content Protection Method

MnemonicIdentifier (16 bits)Content Security (reference)Usage in
Bluetooth® (reference)
DTCP0x0001See Note #1Refer to section 8.19.6 of the Bluetooth A/V Distribution Transport Protocol Specification “Content Protection Capabilities”
SCMS-T0x0002See Note #2See Note #3

Note #1: Please see for details of how Digital Transmission Content Protection (DTCP) is mapped to the Bluetooth AV transport services and for information about DTCP licensing by the Digital Transmission Licensing Administrator (DTLA).​

Note #2: SCMS-T uses Cp-bit and L-bit that are defined by IEC60958-3:1999 and IEC61119-6:1992. For definition of L-bit, normal logic, instead of reverse situation defined in section 4.3.1 of IEC60958-3, shall be applied.

Note #3: The Contents Protection Header (CP Header) defined by A2DP is used for transmitting these two bits (Cp-bit and L-bit). CP Header has a one-byte length. The bit0 field of CP Headers is used for the L-bit and the bit 1 field of CP Header is used for the Cp-bit. Other bits (from bit2 to bit7) are defined as the RFA field.

General note: Before assigning an identifier the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • The Content Protection method should come with a valid reference to either the relevant controlling entity or a description of the method.
  • The Content Protection method should indicate how the identifier is to be used in the context of Bluetooth A/V.

A/V Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)

Major Player Type

ValueParameter Description
Bit 0 (0x01)Audio
Bit 1 (0x02)Video
Bit 2 (0x04)Broadcasting Audio
Bit 3 (0x08)Broadcasting Video
Bit 4-7Reserved

Player Sub Type

ValueParameter Description
Bit 0 (0x00000001)Audio Book
Bit 1 (0x00000002)Podcast
Bit 2-31Reserved

Folder Type

ValueParameter Description

Media Type

ValueParameter Description

List of Media Attributes

Attribute IDDescriptionAllowed ValuesMandatory/Optional
0x0Illegal, should not be used
0x1Title of the mediaAny text encoded in specified character setM
0x2Name of the artistAny text encoded in specified character setO
0x3Name of the albumAny text encoded in specified character setO
0x4Number of the media (e.g., track number in a CD)Numeric ASCII text with zero suppressesO
0x5Total number of the media (e.g., total number of tracks in a CD)Numeric ASCII text with zero suppressesO
0x6GenreAny text encoded in specified character setO
0x7Playing time, in millisecondsNumeric ASCII text with zero suppresses (ex. 2min30sec = 150000)O
0x8-0xFFFFFFFFReserved for future use

Player Application Settings

Player Application Setting AttributeAttribute DescriptionDefined ValuesMandatory/Optional
0x00Illegal — Should not be usedNoneO
0x1Equalizer ON/OFF StatusPlayerApplicationSettingValueIDO
0x03-0xFFReserved for future use
0x2Repeat Mode StatusPlayerApplicationSettingValueIDO
0x02Single track repeat
0x03All track repeat
0x04Group repeat
0x05-0xFFReserved for future use
0x3Shuffle ON/OFF StatusPlayerApplicationSettingValueIDO
0x02All tracks shuffle
0x03Group shuffle
0x04-0xFFReserved for future use
0x4Scan ON/OFF StatusPlayerApplicationSettingValueIDO
0x02All tracks scan
0x03Group scan​
0x04-0xFFReserved for future use
0x5-0x7FReserved for future useO
0x80-0xFFProvided for TG driven static media player menu extension by CTO

Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)

Audio Codec ID

76543210CodecSpecified InUsed in
00000001MPEG-1, 2 AudioA2DPA2DP
00000010MPEG-2, 4 AACA2DPA2DP
00000100ATRAC FamilyA2DPA2DP
xxxxxxxxAll other values reservedA2DPA2DP

The process for adding new optional third-party audio codecs to the table above for use with A2DP is as follows:

  • The proposed codec shall be successfully tested in a formal interoperability (IOP) testing session
    • Successfully testing a codec means that at least two source and two sink implementations shall provide evidence to the BARB that the proposed codec has been successfully implemented
    • The formal IOP test plan shall be submitted to and approved by the BARB prior to the formal IOP testing session
  • Any license applicable to the proposed codec shall be available under fair and reasonable terms and accessible in a non-discriminatory way
  • The specification of the proposed codec shall be available to all companies that plan to implement the codec, under NDA if needed

Video Distribution Profile (VDP)

Video Codec ID

The table below specifies the video codecs available for signaling in VDP and where they are specified and used.

76543210CodecSpecified InUsed in
00000000H.263 baselineVDPVDP
00000001MPEG-4 VisualVDPVDP
00000010H.263 profile 3VDPVDP
00000100H.263 profile 8VDPVDP
xxxxxxxxAll other values reserved