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Assigned numbers and the Host Controller interface

​Assigned numbers are used in the Host Controller interface for version number, LAP, and AMP key length, AMP/PAL version, manufacturer name, AMP test commands and controller types.

The HCI Version

This is the HCI_Version parameter used in the HCI_Read_Local_Version_Information command.

Parameter NameAssigned Values
HCI_Version0Bluetooth® Core Specification 1.0b (Withdrawn)
1Bluetooth Core Specification 1.1 (Withdrawn)
2Bluetooth Core Specification 1.2 (Withdrawn)
3Bluetooth Core Specification 2.0 + EDR (Withdrawn)
4Bluetooth Core Specification 2.1 + EDR (Deprecated, to be withdrawn)
5Bluetooth Core Specification 3.0 + HS (Deprecated, to be withdrawn)
6Bluetooth Core Specification 4.0
​7​Bluetooth Core Specification 4.1
​8​​Bluetooth Core Specification 4.2
9Bluetooth Core Specification 5.0
10Bluetooth Core Specification 5.1
11Bluetooth Core Specification 5.2
All other valuesReserved

Table 1: The HCI Version

Coding Format (1 Octet)

Assigned NumberMeaningNote
0x00u-Law log
0x01A-law log
0x03TransparentIndicates that the controller does not do any transcoding or resampling.
See the command description for restrictions on the use of this value.
This is also used for test mode.
0x04Linear PCM
0xFFVendor SpecificThe codec is vendor-specific, as defined by the following 4 octets in the full coding format.

Table 2: Coding Format (1 Octet)

PCM Data Format (1 Octet)

Assigned NumberMeaningNote
0x00N/AThis value does not apply to the coding format in use.
0x011’s complement
0x022’s complement

Table 3: PCM Data Format (1 Octet)

Transport Layer (1 Octet)

Assigned NumberMeaningNote
0x01WCI-1 Transport
0x02WCI-2 Transport

Table 4: Transport Layer (1 Octet)

MWS Channel Type (1 Octet)

Assigned NumberMeaningNote

Table 5: MWS Channel Type (1 Octet)