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GATT Services are collections of characteristics and relationships to other services that encapsulate the behavior of part of a device.

All Service Assigned Numbers values on this page are normative. All other materials contained on this page is informative only. Authoritative compliance information is contained in the applicable Bluetooth® specification.

NameUniform Type IdentifierAssigned NumberSpecification
Generic Accessorg.bluetooth.service.generic_access0x1800GSS
Alert Notification Serviceorg.bluetooth.service.alert_notification0x1811GSS
Automation IOorg.bluetooth.service.automation_io0x1815GSS
Battery Serviceorg.bluetooth.service.battery_service0x180FGSS
Binary SensorGATT Service UUID0x183BBSS
Blood Pressureorg.bluetooth.service.blood_pressure0x1810GSS
Body Compositionorg.bluetooth.service.body_composition0x181BGSS
Bond Management Serviceorg.bluetooth.service.bond_management0x181EGSS
Continuous Glucose Monitoringorg.bluetooth.service.continuous_glucose_monitoring0x181FGSS
Current Time Serviceorg.bluetooth.service.current_time0x1805GSS
Cycling Powerorg.bluetooth.service.cycling_power0x1818GSS
Cycling Speed and Cadenceorg.bluetooth.service.cycling_speed_and_cadence0x1816GSS
Device Informationorg.bluetooth.service.device_information0x180AGSS
Emergency ConfigurationGATT Service UUID0x183CEMCS
Environmental Sensingorg.bluetooth.service.environmental_sensing0x181AGSS
Fitness Machineorg.bluetooth.service.fitness_machine0x1826GSS
Generic Attributeorg.bluetooth.service.generic_attribute0x1801GSS
Health Thermometerorg.bluetooth.service.health_thermometer0x1809GSS
Heart Rateorg.bluetooth.service.heart_rate0x180DGSS
HTTP Proxyorg.bluetooth.service.http_proxy0x1823GSS
Human Interface Deviceorg.bluetooth.service.human_interface_device0x1812GSS
Immediate Alertorg.bluetooth.service.immediate_alert0x1802GSS
Indoor Positioningorg.bluetooth.service.indoor_positioning0x1821GSS
Insulin Deliveryorg.bluetooth.service.insulin_delivery0x183AGSS
Internet Protocol Support Serviceorg.bluetooth.service.internet_protocol_support0x1820GSS
Link Lossorg.bluetooth.service.link_loss0x1803GSS
Location and Navigationorg.bluetooth.service.location_and_navigation0x1819GSS
Mesh Provisioning Serviceorg.bluetooth.service.mesh_provisioning0x1827GSS
Mesh Proxy Serviceorg.bluetooth.service.mesh_proxy0x1828GSS
Next DST Change Serviceorg.bluetooth.service.next_dst_change0x1807GSS
Object Transfer Serviceorg.bluetooth.service.object_transfer0x1825GSS
Phone Alert Status Serviceorg.bluetooth.service.phone_alert_status0x180EGSS
Pulse Oximeter Serviceorg.bluetooth.service.pulse_oximeter0x1822GSS
Reconnection Configurationorg.bluetooth.service.reconnection_configuration0x1829GSS
Reference Time Update Serviceorg.bluetooth.service.reference_time_update0x1806GSS
Running Speed and Cadenceorg.bluetooth.service.running_speed_and_cadence0x1814GSS
Scan Parametersorg.bluetooth.service.scan_parameters0x1813GSS
Transport Discoveryorg.bluetooth.service.transport_discovery0x1824GSS
Tx Powerorg.bluetooth.service.tx_power0x1804GSS
User Dataorg.bluetooth.service.user_data0x181CGSS
Weight Scaleorg.bluetooth.service.weight_scale0x181DGSS

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