Illuminating Buildings and More: The Roadmap for Bluetooth Mesh

Building automation is the automatic, centralized control of a building’s essential systems, including HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), lighting, and security. Bluetooth technology enables smart building automation solutions that harness energy savings, lower operating costs, and improve the life cycle of a building’s core systems. According to ABI Research, we expect to see a 350% growth in annual volume of Bluetooth automation and control devices by 2022.

“30% of electrical usage is wasted due to inefficient lighting and HVAC controls.”

Department of Energy

Thanks to the recent development of Bluetooth mesh networking, connected lighting has emerged as a key Bluetooth enabled building automation and control use case. Bluetooth mesh networking was created for and is inherently designed to suite large-scale commercial applications, making it ideally suited to meet the requirements of large-scale connected lighting systems.


Lighting as a Platform

See how connected lighting systems are being used as a platform to enable advanced building services like wayfinding, asset tracking, and space utilization to improve the ROI of smart building investments.


Silvair Office Deployment

Recently, Silvair upgraded their office with a Bluetooth enabled lighting platform consisting of hundreds of lights supported by various sensors and switches. Their ambient light sensors support daylight harvesting and automatically ensure a consistent level of light all day. Plus, occupancy sensors identify when rooms are occupied, helping to cut costs and optimize the working environment for employees.

“40% of connected endpoints in commercial buildings will be smart-lighting based by 2021.”

ABI Research

Billingsley Company Case Study

In a joint effort with Murata, Silvair also deployed a wireless control system in the Billingsley Company office building in Dallas, Texas. For this deployment, the rooms were divided into different zones for daylight use, and detailed data was collected on the presence of people and the energy consumption of individual rooms. In rooms with windows, ambient light sensors communicate with Bluetooth mesh luminaires so that daylight is used and a constant brightness level is ensured throughout the day.

All rooms are also equipped with presence detectors to help reduce costs and optimize the working environment. The occupancy data can be displayed in heating cards. This not only saves energy but also optimizes space utilization.

For more data on how Bluetooth technology is powering the smart building, check out the Bluetooth smart building infographic.


Build a Smarter Building with Blue

See new data on how building with blue can increase reliability, reduce costs, and enhance the ROI of smart building solutions.

SEE The InfoGraphic

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