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Since its launch in July 2017, the Bluetooth® mesh networking specification has been the topic of industry conversation throughout the wireless community. Across the industry people continue talking about how Bluetooth mesh will shape the next evolution of solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT).

“For us, Bluetooth mesh is the future. Our customers are mostly industrial customers that work with sensors and controls, meaning they need long range, tight security, and reliable communication with a large number of devices, as well as more and more integrated web capabilities each year,” said Dr. Juergen Kienhoefer, Wireless Cables Inc. CEO. “While our current solutions can extend Bluetooth range up to 200 meters, Bluetooth mesh allows us to solve even more complex range and limit problems.”

A recent performance study conducted by Ericsson concluded, “Bluetooth mesh is a scalable, short-range IoT technology that provides flexible and robust performance…able to support the operation of dense networks with thousands of devices.” Read the complete Ericsson study on Bluetooth mesh networking.

Here’s what others across the industry are saying:

BeON Home

Martin Forest, CTO

“Even though Bluetooth mesh will make the biggest initial impact in the industrial space, we can see the huge potential this technology has for consumers. Most consumers do not understand wireless networks and how to connect devices to a home router, but Bluetooth mesh networking provides a protocol that can work directly from any smartphone, allowing consumers to set up and control their devices without connecting to a home hub. The protocol is low power, highly scalable, and secure – and will quickly become the standard for in-home lighting control and smart home products.”


Russ Sharer, VP global marketing and business development

“Fulham is thrilled to finally see a wireless, multi-vendor, and interoperable standard for lighting controls. We believe Bluetooth mesh and Bluetooth Low Energy will greatly expand the size and functionality of the lighting control market.”


Ray Shiu, associate vice president

“We aim to simplify people’s lives by creating a more intuitive smart home environment. Bluetooth is already leading the charge in low power connectivity, and we look forward to Bluetooth mesh networking opening more possibilities that will finally make the smart home truly smart.”

Imagination Technologies

Richard Edgar, director of communications technology, Ensigma

“The addition of Bluetooth mesh networking introduces new solutions for Bluetooth to create opportunities and meet the demands of emerging markets, such as the IoT. Imagination Technologies is pleased to be able to provide Bluetooth mesh networking functionality to its customers, providing new and exciting ways to deliver easy-to-use, low power wireless communications.”

Smart & Green

Peter Wildhorn, general manager

“At Smart & Green, we have trusted Bluetooth technology to give us the simple, secure connectivity our customers demand. With Bluetooth mesh, we can continue to develop new, innovative uses for lighting that will improve peoples’ lives.”


What Makes Bluetooth Mesh So Disruptive?

The behind-the-scenes story of the making of Bluetooth mesh

Watch our on-demand webinar to discover how Bluetooth mesh is disrupting building automation, wireless sensor networks, asset tracking, and more.


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