Do you need a license for test vectors or the regulatory knowledge base?

The Bluetooth SIG develops, supports, distributes and maintains several software tools and programs and provides a service to allow Bluetooth SIG members to purchase licenses for their use. These include:

Licensing Process

You can access the Bluetooth SIG’s available software tools and programs by completing the licensing process, which includes paying applicable licensing fees:

  1. Bluetooth License page 
  2. Select the license(s) you want to order
  3. Confirm your selection and check out
  4. Read and accept the End User License Agreement
  5. Choose your payment option
  6. Provide your billing information
  7. Complete the order

After you accept the End User License Agreement and complete payment, the Bluetooth SIG will confirm receipt of your payment in an email that includes a link for downloading the licensed materials.

License Renewal

The Bluetooth SIG’s Software Licensing Portal provides a view of all licenses currently registered by your company. You may renew a license by following the same steps for obtaining the original license.