The Global Standard for Connection

Bluetooth® technology proves the power of connection. 4 billion devices will ship this year using Bluetooth to connect. To phones, to tablets, to PCs, or to each other.

And Bluetooth enables multiple ways to connect. After first demonstrating the power of simple point-to-point connections, Bluetooth broadcasting is now powering the global beacon revolution and accelerating new markets—like smart buildings—through mesh connections.

LE Audio will not only enhance the performance of Bluetooth audio, but will bring all its benefits to people with hearing loss and introduce Audio Sharing, an innovative new use case with the potential to once again change the way we connect with each other and experience the world around us.

The effective, reliable range between Bluetooth devices is anywhere from more than a kilometer down to less than a meter.

Bluetooth mesh continues to revolutionize the IoT by playing a pivotal role in the development of emerging markets such as Smart Building, Smart Industry, Smart Cities, and Smart Home.

Bluetooth technology supports two radio versions, enabling developers to build products that meet the unique needs of their market.