The following is the listing of 16-bit Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) assignments for Standards Development Organizations (SDOs).

Organizations requesting assignment of a 16-bit UUID should submit a request for guidance on the process and documentation associated with new assignments. When submitting a request, please choose Assigned Numbers as the Category and 16 bit UUIDs for SDOs as the Subcategory.
16-bit UUID (dec) 16-bit UUID (hex) SDO Custom Service Custom Service Description Date Assigned by BoD
65528 0xFFF8 Mopria Alliance Mopria Alliance BLE Service This Service enables Mopria clients to easily discover printers, multi-function printers or scanners, make connection and communicate with them. 11 February 2020
65529 0xFFF9 Fast IDentity Online Alliance (FIDO) FIDO2 secure client-to-authenticator transport This Service enables FIDO clients to securely discover and communicate with FIDO authenticators, providing strong authentication assertions for web- and app-based relying parties. 13 August 2019
65530 0xFFFA ASTM International ASTM Remote ID A protocol for sending identification, location, vector and other related information about an Unmanned Aircraft System. 02 July 2019
65531 0xFFFB Thread Group, Inc. Direct Thread Commissioning The Direct Thread Commissioning (DTC) provides a secure, reliable mechanism to commission a Thread device over GATT. 13 February 2019
65532 0xFFFC AirFuel Alliance Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) Service This Service enables coordination of wireless transfer between a wireless power transmitter and receiver. 28 February 2017
65533 0xFFFD Fast IDentity Online Alliance Universal Second Factor Authenticator Service This Service enables relaying parties a strong cryptographic 2nd factor option for end user security. 29 June 2015
65534 0xFFFE AirFuel Alliance (formerly Alliance for Wireless Power) Wireless Power Transfer Service This Service exposes related control and status data for proper coordination between a Power Receiving Unit and a Power Transmitting Unit. 01 October 2013