Characteristics are defined attribute types that contain a single logical value.

All Assigned Numbers values on this page are normative. All other materials contained on this page is informative only. Authoritative compliance information is contained in the applicable Bluetooth® specification.

Name Uniform Type Identifier Assigned Number Specification
Aerobic Heart Rate Lower Limit org.bluetooth.characteristic.aerobic_heart_rate_lower_limit 0x2A7E GSS
Aerobic Heart Rate Upper Limit org.bluetooth.characteristic.aerobic_heart_rate_upper_limit 0x2A84 GSS
Aerobic Threshold org.bluetooth.characteristic.aerobic_threshold 0x2A7F GSS
Age org.bluetooth.characteristic.age 0x2A80 GSS
Aggregate org.bluetooth.characteristic.aggregate 0x2A5A GSS
Alert Category ID org.bluetooth.characteristic.alert_category_id 0x2A43 GSS
Alert Category ID Bit Mask org.bluetooth.characteristic.alert_category_id_bit_mask 0x2A42 GSS
Alert Level org.bluetooth.characteristic.alert_level 0x2A06 GSS
Alert Notification Control Point org.bluetooth.characteristic.alert_notification_control_point 0x2A44 GSS
Alert Status org.bluetooth.characteristic.alert_status 0x2A3F GSS
Altitude org.bluetooth.characteristic.altitude 0x2AB3 GSS
Anaerobic Heart Rate Lower Limit org.bluetooth.characteristic.anaerobic_heart_rate_lower_limit 0x2A81 GSS
Anaerobic Heart Rate Upper Limit org.bluetooth.characteristic.anaerobic_heart_rate_upper_limit 0x2A82 GSS
Anaerobic Threshold org.bluetooth.characteristic.anaerobic_threshold 0x2A83 GSS
Analog org.bluetooth.characteristic.analog 0x2A58 GSS
Analog Output org.bluetooth.characteristic.analog_output 0x2A59 GSS
Apparent Wind Direction org.bluetooth.characteristic.apparent_wind_direction 0x2A73 GSS
Apparent Wind Speed org.bluetooth.characteristic.apparent_wind_speed 0x2A72 GSS
Appearance 0x2A01 Core 4.0
Barometric Pressure Trend org.bluetooth.characteristic.barometric_pressure_trend 0x2AA3 GSS
Battery Level org.bluetooth.characteristic.battery_level 0x2A19 GSS
Battery Level State org.bluetooth.characteristic.battery_level_state 0x2A1B GSS
Battery Power State org.bluetooth.characteristic.battery_power_state 0x2A1A GSS
Blood Pressure Feature org.bluetooth.characteristic.blood_pressure_feature 0x2A49 GSS
Blood Pressure Measurement org.bluetooth.characteristic.blood_pressure_measurement 0x2A35 GSS
Body Composition Feature org.bluetooth.characteristic.body_composition_feature 0x2A9B GSS
Body Composition Measurement org.bluetooth.characteristic.body_composition_measurement 0x2A9C GSS
Body Sensor Location org.bluetooth.characteristic.body_sensor_location 0x2A38 GSS
Bond Management Control Point org.bluetooth.characteristic.bond_management_control_point 0x2AA4 GSS
Bond Management Features org.bluetooth.characteristic.bond_management_feature 0x2AA5 GSS
Boot Keyboard Input Report org.bluetooth.characteristic.boot_keyboard_input_report 0x2A22 GSS
Boot Keyboard Output Report org.bluetooth.characteristic.boot_keyboard_output_report 0x2A32 GSS
Boot Mouse Input Report org.bluetooth.characteristic.boot_mouse_input_report 0x2A33 GSS
BSS Control Point GATT Characteristic UUID 0x2B2B BSS
BSS Response GATT Characteristic UUID 0x2B2C BSS
CGM Feature org.bluetooth.characteristic.cgm_feature 0x2AA8 GSS
CGM Measurement org.bluetooth.characteristic.cgm_measurement 0x2AA7 GSS
CGM Session Run Time org.bluetooth.characteristic.cgm_session_run_time 0x2AAB GSS
CGM Session Start Time org.bluetooth.characteristic.cgm_session_start_time 0x2AAA GSS
CGM Specific Ops Control Point org.bluetooth.characteristic.cgm_specific_ops_control_point 0x2AAC GSS
CGM Status org.bluetooth.characteristic.cgm_status 0x2AA9 GSS
Client Supported Features GATT Characteristic UUID 0x2B29 Core 5.1
Cross Trainer Data org.bluetooth.characteristic.cross_trainer_data 0x2ACE GSS
CSC Feature org.bluetooth.characteristic.csc_feature 0x2A5C GSS
CSC Measurement org.bluetooth.characteristic.csc_measurement 0x2A5B GSS
Current Time org.bluetooth.characteristic.current_time 0x2A2B GSS
Cycling Power Control Point org.bluetooth.characteristic.cycling_power_control_point 0x2A66 GSS
Cycling Power Feature org.bluetooth.characteristic.cycling_power_feature 0x2A65 GSS
Cycling Power Measurement org.bluetooth.characteristic.cycling_power_measurement 0x2A63 GSS
Cycling Power Vector org.bluetooth.characteristic.cycling_power_vector 0x2A64 GSS
Database Change Increment org.bluetooth.characteristic.database_change_increment 0x2A99 GSS
Database Hash GATT Characteristic UUID 0x2B2A Core 5.1 or later
Date of Birth org.bluetooth.characteristic.date_of_birth 0x2A85 GSS
Date of Threshold Assessment org.bluetooth.characteristic.date_of_threshold_assessment 0x2A86 GSS
Date Time org.bluetooth.characteristic.date_time 0x2A08 GSS
Date UTC org.bluetooth.characteristic.date_utc 0x2AED GSS
Day Date Time org.bluetooth.characteristic.day_date_time 0x2A0A GSS
Day of Week org.bluetooth.characteristic.day_of_week 0x2A09 GSS
Descriptor Value Changed org.bluetooth.characteristic.descriptor_value_changed 0x2A7D GSS
Dew Point org.bluetooth.characteristic.dew_point 0x2A7B GSS
Digital 0x2A56 GSS
Digital Output org.bluetooth.characteristic.digital_output 0x2A57 GSS
DST Offset org.bluetooth.characteristic.dst_offset 0x2A0D GSS
Elevation org.bluetooth.characteristic.elevation 0x2A6C GSS
Email Address org.bluetooth.characteristic.email_address 0x2A87 GSS
Emergency ID GATT Characteristic UUID 0x2B2D EMCS
Emergency Text GATT Characteristic UUID 0x2B2E EMCS
Exact Time 100 org.bluetooth.characteristic.exact_time_100 0x2A0B GSS
Exact Time 256 org.bluetooth.characteristic.exact_time_256 0x2A0C GSS
Fat Burn Heart Rate Lower Limit org.bluetooth.characteristic.fat_burn_heart_rate_lower_limit 0x2A88 GSS
Fat Burn Heart Rate Upper Limit org.bluetooth.characteristic.fat_burn_heart_rate_upper_limit 0x2A89 GSS
Firmware Revision String org.bluetooth.characteristic.firmware_revision_string 0x2A26 GSS
First Name org.bluetooth.characteristic.first_name 0x2A8A GSS
Fitness Machine Control Point org.bluetooth.characteristic.fitness_machine_control_point 0x2AD9 GSS
Fitness Machine Feature org.bluetooth.characteristic.fitness_machine_feature 0x2ACC GSS
Fitness Machine Status org.bluetooth.characteristic.fitness_machine_status 0x2ADA GSS
Five Zone Heart Rate Limits org.bluetooth.characteristic.five_zone_heart_rate_limits 0x2A8B GSS
Floor Number org.bluetooth.characteristic.floor_number 0x2AB2 GSS
Central Address Resolution 0x2AA6 Core 4.2
Device Name 0x2A00 Core 4.0
Peripheral Preferred Connection Parameters 0x2A04 Core 4.0
Peripheral Privacy Flag 0x2A02 Core 4.0
Reconnection Address 0x2A03 Core 4.0
Service Changed org.bluetooth.characteristic.gatt.service_changed 0x2A05 Core 4.0
Gender org.bluetooth.characteristic.gender 0x2A8C GSS
Glucose Feature org.bluetooth.characteristic.glucose_feature 0x2A51 GSS
Glucose Measurement org.bluetooth.characteristic.glucose_measurement 0x2A18 GSS
Glucose Measurement Context org.bluetooth.characteristic.glucose_measurement_context 0x2A34 GSS
Gust Factor org.bluetooth.characteristic.gust_factor 0x2A74 GSS
Hardware Revision String org.bluetooth.characteristic.hardware_revision_string 0x2A27 GSS
Heart Rate Control Point org.bluetooth.characteristic.heart_rate_control_point 0x2A39 GSS
Heart Rate Max org.bluetooth.characteristic.heart_rate_max 0x2A8D GSS
Heart Rate Measurement org.bluetooth.characteristic.heart_rate_measurement 0x2A37 GSS
Heat Index org.bluetooth.characteristic.heat_index 0x2A7A GSS
Height org.bluetooth.characteristic.height 0x2A8E GSS
HID Control Point org.bluetooth.characteristic.hid_control_point 0x2A4C GSS
HID Information org.bluetooth.characteristic.hid_information 0x2A4A GSS
Hip Circumference org.bluetooth.characteristic.hip_circumference 0x2A8F GSS
HTTP Control Point org.bluetooth.characteristic.http_control_point 0x2ABA GSS
HTTP Entity Body org.bluetooth.characteristic.http_entity_body 0x2AB9 GSS
HTTP Headers org.bluetooth.characteristic.http_headers 0x2AB7 GSS
HTTP Status Code org.bluetooth.characteristic.http_status_code 0x2AB8 GSS
HTTPS Security org.bluetooth.characteristic.https_security 0x2ABB GSS
Humidity org.bluetooth.characteristic.humidity 0x2A6F GSS
IDD Annunciation Status org.bluetooth.characteristic.idd_annunciation_status 0x2B22 GSS
IDD Command Control Point org.bluetooth.characteristic.idd_command_control_point 0x2B25 GSS
IDD Command Data org.bluetooth.characteristic.idd_command_data 0x2B26 GSS
IDD Features org.bluetooth.characteristic.idd_features 0x2B23 GSS
IDD History Data org.bluetooth.characteristic.idd_history_data 0x2B28 GSS
IDD Record Access Control Point org.bluetooth.characteristic.idd_record_access_control_point 0x2B27 GSS
IDD Status org.bluetooth.characteristic.idd_status 0x2B21 GSS
IDD Status Changed org.bluetooth.characteristic.idd_status_changed 0x2B20 GSS
IDD Status Reader Control Point org.bluetooth.characteristic.idd_status_reader_control_point 0x2B24 GSS
IEEE 11073-20601 Regulatory Certification Data List org.bluetooth.characteristic.ieee_11073-20601_regulatory_certification_data_list 0x2A2A GSS
Indoor Bike Data org.bluetooth.characteristic.indoor_bike_data 0x2AD2 GSS
Indoor Positioning Configuration org.bluetooth.characteristic.indoor_positioning_configuration 0x2AAD GSS
Intermediate Cuff Pressure org.bluetooth.characteristic.intermediate_cuff_pressure 0x2A36 GSS
Intermediate Temperature org.bluetooth.characteristic.intermediate_temperature 0x2A1E GSS
Irradiance org.bluetooth.characteristic.irradiance 0x2A77 GSS
Language org.bluetooth.characteristic.language 0x2AA2 GSS
Last Name org.bluetooth.characteristic.last_name 0x2A90 GSS
Latitude org.bluetooth.characteristic.latitude 0x2AAE GSS
LN Control Point org.bluetooth.characteristic.ln_control_point 0x2A6B GSS
LN Feature org.bluetooth.characteristic.ln_feature 0x2A6A GSS
Local East Coordinate org.bluetooth.characteristic.local_east_coordinate 0x2AB1 GSS
Local North Coordinate org.bluetooth.characteristic.local_north_coordinate 0x2AB0 GSS
Local Time Information org.bluetooth.characteristic.local_time_information 0x2A0F GSS
Location and Speed Characteristic org.bluetooth.characteristic.location_and_speed 0x2A67 GSS
Location Name org.bluetooth.characteristic.location_name 0x2AB5 GSS
Longitude org.bluetooth.characteristic.Longitude 0x2AAF GSS
Magnetic Declination org.bluetooth.characteristic.magnetic_declination 0x2A2C GSS
Magnetic Flux Density – 2D org.bluetooth.characteristic.Magnetic_flux_density_2D 0x2AA0 GSS
Magnetic Flux Density – 3D org.bluetooth.characteristic.Magnetic_flux_density_3D 0x2AA1 GSS
Manufacturer Name String org.bluetooth.characteristic.manufacturer_name_string 0x2A29 GSS
Maximum Recommended Heart Rate org.bluetooth.characteristic.maximum_recommended_heart_rate 0x2A91 GSS
Measurement Interval org.bluetooth.characteristic.measurement_interval 0x2A21 GSS
Mesh Provisioning Data In GATT Characteristic UUID 0x2ADB Mesh Profile 1.0
Mesh Provisioning Data Out GATT Characteristic UUID 0X2ADC Mesh Profile 1.0
Mesh Proxy Data In GATT Characteristic UUID 0X2ADD Mesh Profile 1.0
Mesh Proxy Data Out GATT Characteristic UUID 0X2ADE Mesh Profile 1.0
Model Number String org.bluetooth.characteristic.model_number_string 0x2A24 GSS
Navigation org.bluetooth.characteristic.navigation 0x2A68 GSS
Network Availability org.bluetooth.characteristic.network_availability 0x2A3E GSS
New Alert org.bluetooth.characteristic.new_alert 0x2A46 GSS
Object Action Control Point org.bluetooth.characteristic.object_action_control_point 0x2AC5 GSS
Object Changed org.bluetooth.characteristic.object_changed 0x2AC8 GSS
Object First-Created org.bluetooth.characteristic.object_first_created 0x2AC1 GSS
Object ID org.bluetooth.characteristic.object_id 0x2AC3 GSS
Object Last-Modified org.bluetooth.characteristic.object_last_modified 0x2AC2 GSS
Object List Control Point org.bluetooth.characteristic.object_list_control_point 0x2AC6 GSS
Object List Filter org.bluetooth.characteristic.object_list_filter 0x2AC7 GSS
Object Name org.bluetooth.characteristic.object_name 0x2ABE GSS
Object Properties org.bluetooth.characteristic.object_properties 0x2AC4 GSS
Object Size org.bluetooth.characteristic.object_size 0x2AC0 GSS
Object Type org.bluetooth.characteristic.object_type 0x2ABF GSS
OTS Feature org.bluetooth.characteristic.ots_feature 0x2ABD GSS
PLX Continuous Measurement Characteristic org.bluetooth.characteristic.plx_continuous_measurement 0x2A5F GSS
PLX Features org.bluetooth.characteristic.plx_features 0x2A60 GSS
PLX Spot-Check Measurement org.bluetooth.characteristic.plx_spot_check_measurement 0x2A5E GSS
PnP ID org.bluetooth.characteristic.pnp_id 0x2A50 GSS
Pollen Concentration org.bluetooth.characteristic.pollen_concentration 0x2A75 GSS
Position 2D org.bluetooth.characteristic.position_2d 0x2A2F GSS
Position 3D org.bluetooth.characteristic.position_3d 0x2A30 GSS
Position Quality org.bluetooth.characteristic.position_quality 0x2A69 GSS
Pressure org.bluetooth.characteristic.pressure 0x2A6D GSS
Protocol Mode org.bluetooth.characteristic.protocol_mode 0x2A4E GSS
Pulse Oximetry Control Point org.bluetooth.characteristic.pulse_oximetry_control_point 0x2A62 GSS
Rainfall org.bluetooth.characteristic.rainfall 0x2A78 GSS
RC Feature org.bluetooth.characteristic.rc_feature 0x2B1D GSS
RC Settings org.bluetooth.characteristic.rc_settings 0x2B1E GSS
Reconnection Configuration Control Point org.bluetooth.characteristic.reconnection_configuration_control_point 0x2B1F GSS
Record Access Control Point org.bluetooth.characteristic.record_access_control_point 0x2A52 GSS
Reference Time Information org.bluetooth.characteristic.reference_time_information 0x2A14 GSS
Registered User Characteristic GATT Characteristic UUID 0x2B37 UDS 1.1
Removable org.bluetooth.characteristic.removable 0x2A3A GSS
Report 0x2A4D GSS
Report Map org.bluetooth.characteristic.report_map 0x2A4B GSS
Resolvable Private Address Only org.bluetooth.characteristic.resolvable_private_address_only 0x2AC9 Core 5.0
Resting Heart Rate org.bluetooth.characteristic.resting_heart_rate 0x2A92 GSS
Ringer Control point org.bluetooth.characteristic.ringer_control_point 0x2A40 GSS
Ringer Setting org.bluetooth.characteristic.ringer_setting 0x2A41 GSS
Rower Data org.bluetooth.characteristic.rower_data 0x2AD1 GSS
RSC Feature org.bluetooth.characteristic.rsc_feature 0x2A54 GSS
RSC Measurement org.bluetooth.characteristic.rsc_measurement 0x2A53 GSS
SC Control Point org.bluetooth.characteristic.sc_control_point 0x2A55 GSS
Scan Interval Window org.bluetooth.characteristic.scan_interval_window 0x2A4F GSS
Scan Refresh org.bluetooth.characteristic.scan_refresh 0x2A31 GSS
Scientific Temperature Celsius org.bluetooth.characteristic.scientific_temperature_celsius 0x2A3C GSS
Secondary Time Zone org.bluetooth.characteristic.secondary_time_zone 0x2A10 GSS
Sensor Location org.bluetooth.characteristic.sensor_location 0x2A5D GSS
Serial Number String org.bluetooth.characteristic.serial_number_string 0x2A25 GSS
Server Supported Features GATT Characteristic UUID 0x2B3A Core 5.2
Service Required org.bluetooth.characteristic.service_required 0x2A3B GSS
Software Revision String org.bluetooth.characteristic.software_revision_string 0x2A28 GSS
Sport Type for Aerobic and Anaerobic Thresholds org.bluetooth.characteristic.sport_type_for_aerobic_and_anaerobic_thresholds 0x2A93 GSS
Stair Climber Data org.bluetooth.characteristic.stair_climber_data 0x2AD0 GSS
Step Climber Data org.bluetooth.characteristic.step_climber_data 0x2ACF GSS
String org.bluetooth.characteristic.string 0x2A3D GSS
Supported Heart Rate Range org.bluetooth.characteristic.supported_heart_rate_range 0x2AD7 GSS
Supported Inclination Range org.bluetooth.characteristic.supported_inclination_range 0x2AD5 GSS
Supported New Alert Category org.bluetooth.characteristic.supported_new_alert_category 0x2A47 GSS
Supported Power Range org.bluetooth.characteristic.supported_power_range 0x2AD8 GSS
Supported Resistance Level Range org.bluetooth.characteristic.supported_resistance_level_range 0x2AD6 GSS
Supported Speed Range org.bluetooth.characteristic.supported_speed_range 0x2AD4 GSS
Supported Unread Alert Category org.bluetooth.characteristic.supported_unread_alert_category 0x2A48 GSS
System ID org.bluetooth.characteristic.system_id 0x2A23 GSS
TDS Control Point org.bluetooth.characteristic.tds_control_point 0x2ABC GSS
Temperature org.bluetooth.characteristic.temperature 0x2A6E GSS
Temperature Celsius org.bluetooth.characteristic.temperature_celsius 0x2A1F GSS
Temperature Fahrenheit org.bluetooth.characteristic.temperature_fahrenheit 0x2A20 GSS
Temperature Measurement org.bluetooth.characteristic.temperature_measurement 0x2A1C GSS
Temperature Type org.bluetooth.characteristic.temperature_type 0x2A1D GSS
Three Zone Heart Rate Limits org.bluetooth.characteristic.three_zone_heart_rate_limits 0x2A94 GSS
Time Accuracy org.bluetooth.characteristic.time_accuracy 0x2A12 GSS
Time Broadcast org.bluetooth.characteristic.time_broadcast 0x2A15 GSS
Time Source org.bluetooth.characteristic.time_source 0x2A13 GSS
Time Update Control Point org.bluetooth.characteristic.time_update_control_point 0x2A16 GSS
Time Update State org.bluetooth.characteristic.time_update_state 0x2A17 GSS
Time with DST org.bluetooth.characteristic.time_with_dst 0x2A11 GSS
Time Zone org.bluetooth.characteristic.time_zone 0x2A0E GSS
Training Status org.bluetooth.characteristic.training_status 0x2AD3 GSS
Treadmill Data org.bluetooth.characteristic.treadmill_data 0x2ACD GSS
True Wind Direction org.bluetooth.characteristic.true_wind_direction 0x2A71 GSS
True Wind Speed org.bluetooth.characteristic.true_wind_speed 0x2A70 GSS
Two Zone Heart Rate Limit org.bluetooth.characteristic.two_zone_heart_rate_limit 0x2A95 GSS
Tx Power Level org.bluetooth.characteristic.tx_power_level 0x2A07 GSS
Uncertainty org.bluetooth.characteristic.uncertainty 0x2AB4 GSS
Unread Alert Status org.bluetooth.characteristic.unread_alert_status 0x2A45 GSS
URI org.bluetooth.characteristic.uri 0x2AB6 GSS
User Control Point org.bluetooth.characteristic.user_control_point 0x2A9F GSS
User Index org.bluetooth.characteristic.user_index 0x2A9A GSS
UV Index org.bluetooth.characteristic.uv_index 0x2A76 GSS
VO2 Max org.bluetooth.characteristic.vo2_max 0x2A96 GSS
Waist Circumference org.bluetooth.characteristic.waist_circumference 0x2A97 GSS
Weight org.bluetooth.characteristic.weight 0x2A98 GSS
Weight Measurement org.bluetooth.characteristic.weight_measurement 0x2A9D GSS
Weight Scale Feature org.bluetooth.characteristic.weight_scale_feature 0x2A9E GSS
Wind Chill org.bluetooth.characteristic.wind_chill 0x2A79 GSS

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