GATT Services are collections of characteristics and relationships to other services that encapsulate the behavior of part of a device.

All Service Assigned Numbers values on this page are normative. All other materials contained on this page is informative only. Authoritative compliance information is contained in the applicable Bluetooth® specification.

Name Uniform Type Identifier Assigned Number Specification
Generic Access org.bluetooth.service.generic_access 0x1800 GSS
Alert Notification Service org.bluetooth.service.alert_notification 0x1811 GSS
Automation IO org.bluetooth.service.automation_io 0x1815 GSS
Battery Service org.bluetooth.service.battery_service 0x180F GSS
Binary Sensor GATT Service UUID 0x183B BSS
Blood Pressure org.bluetooth.service.blood_pressure 0x1810 GSS
Body Composition org.bluetooth.service.body_composition 0x181B GSS
Bond Management Service org.bluetooth.service.bond_management 0x181E GSS
Continuous Glucose Monitoring org.bluetooth.service.continuous_glucose_monitoring 0x181F GSS
Current Time Service org.bluetooth.service.current_time 0x1805 GSS
Cycling Power org.bluetooth.service.cycling_power 0x1818 GSS
Cycling Speed and Cadence org.bluetooth.service.cycling_speed_and_cadence 0x1816 GSS
Device Information org.bluetooth.service.device_information 0x180A GSS
Emergency Configuration GATT Service UUID 0x183C EMCS
Environmental Sensing org.bluetooth.service.environmental_sensing 0x181A GSS
Fitness Machine org.bluetooth.service.fitness_machine 0x1826 GSS
Generic Attribute org.bluetooth.service.generic_attribute 0x1801 GSS
Glucose org.bluetooth.service.glucose 0x1808 GSS
Health Thermometer org.bluetooth.service.health_thermometer 0x1809 GSS
Heart Rate org.bluetooth.service.heart_rate 0x180D GSS
HTTP Proxy org.bluetooth.service.http_proxy 0x1823 GSS
Human Interface Device org.bluetooth.service.human_interface_device 0x1812 GSS
Immediate Alert org.bluetooth.service.immediate_alert 0x1802 GSS
Indoor Positioning org.bluetooth.service.indoor_positioning 0x1821 GSS
Insulin Delivery org.bluetooth.service.insulin_delivery 0x183A GSS
Internet Protocol Support Service org.bluetooth.service.internet_protocol_support 0x1820 GSS
Link Loss org.bluetooth.service.link_loss 0x1803 GSS
Location and Navigation org.bluetooth.service.location_and_navigation 0x1819 GSS
Mesh Provisioning Service org.bluetooth.service.mesh_provisioning 0x1827 GSS
Mesh Proxy Service org.bluetooth.service.mesh_proxy 0x1828 GSS
Next DST Change Service org.bluetooth.service.next_dst_change 0x1807 GSS
Object Transfer Service org.bluetooth.service.object_transfer 0x1825 GSS
Phone Alert Status Service org.bluetooth.service.phone_alert_status 0x180E GSS
Pulse Oximeter Service org.bluetooth.service.pulse_oximeter 0x1822 GSS
Reconnection Configuration org.bluetooth.service.reconnection_configuration 0x1829 GSS
Reference Time Update Service org.bluetooth.service.reference_time_update 0x1806 GSS
Running Speed and Cadence org.bluetooth.service.running_speed_and_cadence 0x1814 GSS
Scan Parameters org.bluetooth.service.scan_parameters 0x1813 GSS
Transport Discovery org.bluetooth.service.transport_discovery 0x1824 GSS
Tx Power org.bluetooth.service.tx_power 0x1804 GSS
User Data org.bluetooth.service.user_data 0x181C GSS
Weight Scale org.bluetooth.service.weight_scale 0x181D GSS

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